Sukong S.B. Lee

Embleem van Sao Lim Kung Fu

In the distant mist of time, the young and itinerant Sao Lim Martial arts monk traveled his weary way along the dusty roads of Penang Malaysia to Rotterdam Holland………..

He was teaching his art to his students before the sun had set. With no children to whom he could pass his teaching, he treated his students as his offspring. He taught as he had been taught. Faithfully, sincerely, traditionally, always mindful of his ancestors and predecessors, and unreservedly. If no one else did, he remembered the vows he made to his teacher and to his Cho-si. He abhorred pretension. He detested dishonesty. He taught within the best of capabilities and did not set himself above his students. He knew that respect and loyalty were earned. He knew that the greatest sin was that of pride. So great a sin was it that even the ancient Egyptian had a word for it: “Hubris”. Above all, he knew that one had first to be true to oneself, without loyalty one was nothing, not even a person – and this was the most damaging thing to any Oriental. Because all of these things, he taught an art which had his origins in the mist of time and he true to his lineage.

April 1982 Rotterdam: Pak Lam Sao Lim Kung Fu Federatie.
vlnr: sifu Dominique Cozien (Sao Lim Pai), J.Reffas (Shotokan Karate, vriend van D.Cozien), Chan sifu (Wing Chun), sifu Beh Ah Bong (Sao Lim Pai), sifu S.B. Lee (Sao Lim Pai), Sifu R. Scharff (Sao Lim Lam Kun), Lau sifu (Tang Lang).
Sukong S.B. Lee anno 2001 te Waddinxveen
Trainen in Rotterdam en Waddinxveen

His idea is that being physically strong is not enough …………….
His martial arts philosophy is to be soft and calm on the outside,
But powerful and fast on the inside.

Learn kung fu three day’s and you can go anywhere in the world;
Learn kung fu three month’s and you can only wander around the home town;
Learn kung fu three years and you find it hard to move a single inch”.
“So the longer you practice kung fu, the more careful, more patient and more humble you become.
Kung fu also teaches people about how to stop fighting in a broader and higher sense

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